︎    Client: Thinx, Inc.  
︎    Campaign: How a New Generation Thinx
︎    Year: 2023

︎    Creative Direction: Lauren Renner
︎    TV Production: Oberland
︎    TV Commercial Direction: Pamela Adlon
︎    Creative Production: Khira Goins-Paxton
︎    Production Assistant: Doris Abaiweh
︎    Photography: Shana Trajanoska
︎    Set Design: Erin Lynn Welsh
︎    Wardrobe Styling: Marita Owens
︎    Makeup: Emma Elizabeth

“How a New Generation Thinx” is a 360 advertising campaign designed to usher in a new era of leak protection and cultivate a new generation of Thinx users. In order to generate awareness of Thinx Inc. as a global mass market retail brand, we flipped the script on the all-too-familiar ways that intergenerational influences like mothers, grandmothers, sisters and friends shape our approach to leaks. Conversations of the past were centered around disposables whereas these conversations are led by a new generation of Thinx-users who highlight the ease, comfort, leak-protection, and sustainability of our products.

We partnered with Oberland agency and Pamela Adlon – in her directorial debut –  to script and shoot the 6 TV commercials at the heart of the campaign. The still assets that supported the launch across paid and owned channels were produced by our in-house creative team, and required a unique approach to develop. Our art direction needed to be broad enough to encompass Thinx Inc.’s entire portfolio of brands, which would be photographed together in a variety of permutations, and call back to the relatable moments featured in the TV spots. From a technical standpoint, these assets also needed to be flexible enough to be used in upcoming homepage redesigns and future brand launches, for which there were no existing wireframes. In response, we simplified our approach to wardrobe and set design, utilized our newly crafted portfolio color palette, and committed to shooting wide. Most of all, we poured our energy into casting and on-set direction that would deliver the same familial energy present in our TV commercials. 

︎ Within 3 weeks of our “Saved by the Sister” TV commercial launch, Thinx total revenue increased by 8% and Thinx Teens revenue increased by 45%︎

︎ All 6 TV commercials will be released on a staggered schedule throughout 2023.︎